Monday, 22 October 2012

When will the GoPro Hero 3 be arriving in South Africa

Update: The GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition is in stock now at this link "GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition

The release date of the GoPro HD Hero 3 is has come and gone but when is it looking like it will arrive in South Africa? GoPro has told us to expect the Hero 3 to arrive late in November or early in December.

We've been told that the GoPro Hero 3 White Edition and the Hero 3 Silver Edition will hopefully arrive in the last week of November but that the Hero 3 Black Edition which is looking to be the most highly sought after Go Pro 3 model will be here around the 10th of December.

We know for sure that the limited stock which comes in SA will go quickly and we already have a long list of pre-order customers. If you would like to secure one of the first in SA for yourself or a Christmas gift for someone else then we highly recommend going to the pages below and placing your pre-order.

Paid for pre-orders will definitely receive a unit when they arrive. If you are not sure that you want one but would still like to be put on the waiting list then please send your details through to gopro3 [at] to be added to our waiting list. We'll then keep you up to date on the arrival and availability. You can always secure your pre-order closer to the arrival time if you prefer (provide there is still stock which hasn't been pre-ordered). 

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